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.:: Welcome ::.

Welcome to ask Adventure Time.

If you wish to become an Ask account for this group you may. Oc's and Gender bends allowed.

(( NOTE: 2 ASKS PER CHARACTER PLEASE AT THE MOST. This rule has been broken before and it doesn't work out too well to have too many.))




Jake~Askjakethedog Ask-JakeTheDog
Flame Princess~ Ask-Flame-Princess
Whywolf~ AskWhyWolf
Marceline~ AskMeMarceline
Princess Bubblegum~ AskPBubbleGum
Jake Jr~ ask-Jake-Jr


Marshall Lee~ AskMarshal-Lee
Prince Gumball~ Ask-BubbaGumball
Ice Queen~Ask-TheIceQueen


Teen Adventure time~ AskTeenAdventureTime
Zombie Finn~ AskZombieFinn


Humans and other creatures:

Ashley~ AskAshley
Laika~ AskLaika
Strange Ghost~ Ask-Strange-Ghost
Cadence~ ShopkeeperJoe
Jade the Human~ ask-jade-the-human
P. J. Kitty~ AskPJapanKitty
Isabel~ Ask-Isabel
Meena~ AskMeena
Layla The Demon~ Ask-LaylaTheDemon
Isis~ Ask-Isis
Nola~ AskNola
Yoid~ Ask-Yoid
Aleksundr~ ask-aleksundr
Kaitie~ Ask-Kaitie
Wax Twins~ askwaxtwins
Dr. Kiwi~ Ask-DrKiwi
Castle Cutie~ Ask-CastleCutie
Charlie (Fairy)~ Ask-Charlie-Fairy
Felix the Demon~ Ask-FelixTheDemon
Amber~ Ask-Amber-the-Human
Molly~ Ask-Molly-Hyoomen
Caelum The Pilot~ Ask-CaelumThePilot
Forest Sprite~ AskTheForestSprite
Kyto the Human~ ask-kytothehero
Rainbow Pixie~ Ask-RainbowPixie
Cecilia the Demon~ AskCeciliaTheDemon
The mutated~ Ask-The-Mutated
Claire~ Ask-Claire
Geena Slender~ Ask-GeenaSlender
Mari the Rabbit Girl~ AskMariTheRabbitGirl
Colby~ askcolbyandfriends
Blood Lord~ Ask-TheBloodLord
Kassandra~ Ask-Kassandra
Kyle the Mercenary~ AskKyleTheMercenary
Melanie~ Ask-Melanie
Lydia and marko~ AskLydiaAndMarko
Melon~ Ask-Melon
Tootsie~ Ask-tootsie
Melody~ ask-melody
Aizlyn~ AskAizlyn
Rae Rae and J~ AskRaeRae-n-J
Blake~ Ask-Blake
Brighton~ AskBrighton
Kasch~ Ask-Kasch
Neil~ AskNeil
Delylah~ Ask--Delylah
Anita~ :ask-anita:
Paeton~ Desufy
Zaida~ Ask-Zaida
Spades~ AskSpades
Ronny the Vampire~ Ask-RonnytheVampire
Sally~ Ask-Sally
Marcus~ Ask-Marcus
Luke the Vampire~ askLuke-thevampire
Talon~ Ask-Talon
Jefferson Hope~ AskJeffersonHope
Foxy Poisoness~ Ask-FoxyPoisoness
Alex~ ask-alexthehu-teen
Kimba~ AskKimba
Pipes~ Ask-Pipes
Fia~ Ask-Fia
Nicole the She Wolf~ AskNicoleSheWolf
Party God~ AskThePartyGod
Eponine the Elf~ Ask-EponineTheElf
The Gang~ AskTheGang
Run Boy Run~ Ask-RunBoyRun
Ava~ AskAva
Jane~ AskJanettheHuman
The Idiot~ AskTheIdiot
Mint Twins~ ask-the-mint-twins
The Psychos~ Ask-The-Psychos
Waffle Wizard~ Ask-Waffle-Wizard
Rosetta the Vampire~ Ask-RosettaTheVamp
Faina~ AskFaina
Evangeline~ AskEvangeline
Luna Moona~ Ask-LunaMoona
Katie the Vampire~ Ask-Katievampire
Mindee~ Ask-Mindee
Sketch~ Ask-Sketch
Effy and Levi~ askeffyandlevi
Lena~ Ask-Lena
Pryce~ Ask-Pryce
Kimberly~ Ask-Kimberly
Hannah the Wolf~ Ask-Hannah-The-Wolf
Lord of Darkness~ Askthelordofdarkness
Cindy the Faun~ Cindy-the-faun
Leo the Kitten~ Ask-LeoTheKitten
Bambi the Deer~ Ask-Bambi-The-Deer
Alice the Elf~ Ask-Alice-The-Elf
Rosalind~ Ask-RosalindSirius~ Ask-Sirius
Alex the Forest Elf~ askalextheforestelf
Anubis~ Ask--Anubis
Xion~ AskMe-Xion
Manny~ askManny
Homeless Guardians~ AskHomelessGuardians
Thumper~ askthumper
Dumpster Fashion~ Ask-DumpsterFashion
Shark and Fish~ Ask-SharkAndFish
Drew~ Ask-Drew
Avery the Human~ AskAverytheHuman
Kachin~ Ask-The-Strange
Beverage Sisters~ Ask-Beverage-Sisters
Flame &Sugar~ Ask-Flame-and-Sugar
Dogtown~ Plyto


Lich Prince~ Clishade
Princess Chaos~ Ask-Princess-Chaos
Nightmare Princess~ asknightmareprincess
Princess Goth~ Ask-Princess-Goth
Trick Or Treat King~ Ask-TrickrTreat-King
Strawberry Princess~ AskStrawberryPrncss
Key Princess~ Ask-theKeyPrincess
Demon Queen~ AskKisatheDemonQueen
Prince of the Sea~ AskThePrinceOfTheSea
Sapphite Prince~ Ask-Sapphire-Prince
Comfy Princess~ Ask-ComfyPrincess
Princess Radical~ Ask-Princess-Radical
Prince of Rejects~ AskPrince-of-Rejects
Kitten Princess~ Ask-Kitten-princessaskKittenPrincess
Queen Pallina~ AskQueenPallina
Music Princess~ Ask-MusicPrincessAsk-Rindama
Rainbow Princess~ Ask-Rainbow-Princess
Conifer Queen~ Ask-Conifer-Princess
Dark Princesses (Shimi &Mist)~ Ask-DarkPrincess
Bomb Prince~ ask-BombPrince
Dragon King~ AzeTheDragonKing
Electric Princess~ askelectricprincess
Bee Princess~ Ask-Bee-Princess
Doll Prince~ AskTheDollPrince
The FRESH Prince~ Ask-TheFreshPrince
Princess Darkness~ Ask-princessdarkness
PB and J Princess~ Ask-PbAndJPrincess
Froyo Princess~ AskFroYoPrincess
Smoke Queen~ Ask-TheSmokeQueen
Raggedy Princess~ Ask-Raggedy-Princess
Crazy Princesses~ Ask-Crazy-Princesses
Future Princess~ Ask-Future-Princess
Wild West Princess~ Ask-WildWestPrincess
Clock Princess~ Askclockprincess
Pervert Princess~ Ask-Pervert-Princess
Princess Jewel~ ASKprincessjewel
Vanilla Princess~ AskVanillaPrincess
Ajay and Bree~ FluffyAngelBunny
Wizard Princess~ askwizardprincess
Akira Princess~ AskAkiraPrincess
Wind Princess~ Ask-Wind-Princess
Tiger Princess~ AskTigerPrincess
Prince of Ego~ askManny
Prince Marino~ Ask-PrinceMarino
Owl Princess~ Ask-Owl-Princess
Lavender Princess~ asklavanderprincess
Lynch Heir of Lich~ AskLynchHeirOfLich
Princess Kirsten~ AskPrincessKirsten
Princess Sky Cloud~ AskPrincessSky
Death Prince~ Ask-DeathPrince
Bow Princess~ Ask-BowPrincess
Night Princess~ Ask-night-princess
Prince of Love~ AskEthanPrinceOfLove
Trumpet Prince~ AskTrumpetPrince
Peacock Princess~ Ask-PeacockPrincess
Adventure Princess~ AskAdventurePrincess
Prince of Limegrab~ AskPrinceOfLimegrab
Princess Mint~ ask-princessmint
Bean Prince~ ask-bean-prince
Princess Moon~ AskPrincessMoon
Mouse Princess~ AskMousePrincess
Band Princess~ AskBandWPrincess
Lazy Princess~ AskLazyPrincess
Coffee Prince~ AskCoffeePrince
Scary Princess~ Ask-Scary-Princess
Ice Cream Princess~ AskIceCreamPrincess
Prince Honeybee~ TheLittlehoneybee
Cuddly Princess~ :devask-cuddle-princess:
Hobo Princess~ AskHoboPrincess
Sleep Princess~ Ask-SleepPrincess
Love Princess~ Ask-Love-Princess
Giraffe Princess~ Ask-GirafePrincess
Princess Cutie Pie~ askprincesscutiepie
Undead Princess~ AskUndeadPrincess
Killer Princess~ ask-killerprincess
Dragon Prince~ AskDragonPrince
Pancake Princess~ Ask-Pancake-Princess
Soka the Princess~ Ask-SokathePrincess
Princess Onion~ AskPrincessOnion
Spirit King~ Ask-Spirit-King
Princess Pine~ AskPrincessPine
Star Princess~ AskStarPrincess
Art Princess~ AskTheArtPrincess
Occult Princess~ AskOccultPrincess
Wedding Princess~ AskWeddingPrincess
Prince Pepper~ ask-princepepper
Derpy Princess~ AskDerpyPrincess
Depp Queen~ Ask-Depp-Queen

((If you need to be added onto this list, notify this account via comment or note: AskMarshal-Lee - then you'll be added.))
[[I got a new working laptop and finally got back onto my account so I'M REALLY SORRY IF THIS GROUP GOT REALLY OUT OF HAND OR ANYTHING
BUT I'm going to TRY MY BEST to get things a little more organized again?

Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth ;v;

Edit: I'm adding the requested people to the appropriate lists and making some new folders for art submissions. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know!

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Any help will be appreciated 
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[[I feel that that would be fine- As long as you submit pieces to the appropriate folders in the group and the likes. c: Did you want me to add you to the list as Dalya?]]
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